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Model #: Product Description Type
Agilent 4192A LF Impedance Analyzer, 5 Hz to 13 MHz Refurbished
Agilent 4284A Precision LCR Meter Refurbished
Agilent 4284A 001 Precision LCR Meter with Internal Power Amplifier/DC Bias Option Refurbished
Agilent 4285A Precision LCR Meter, 75 kHz to 30 MHz Refurbished
Agilent 4285A 001 Precision LCR Meter, 75 kHz to 30 MHz with Internal DC Bias Refurbished
Agilent 4287A 010 RF LCR Meter, 1 MHz to 3 GHz, with Test Head and Cable Refurbished
Agilent 4294A 1D5 Precision Impedance Analyzer, 40 Hz to 110 MHz Refurbished
Chroma (QuadTech) 1730T LCR Meter With Turns Ratio Refurbished
Stanford Research SR720 LCR Meter, 100 kHz, with RS-232, GPIB, Handler Interface Refurbished
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