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Agilent 11867A RF Limiter, 10 Hz to 1800 MHz

Manufacturers Part #: 11867A
RF Limiter, 10 Hz to 1800 MHz
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Agilent 11867A RF Limiter, 10 Hz to 1800 MHz

The 11867A RF Limiter is an ideal accessory for extending the usable frequency range of signal generators, frequency synthesizers, or other signal sources. Operating on input frequencies of 50 MHz to 1300 MHz, it provides a doubled output in the range of 100 MHz to 2600 MHz. The 11867A works well with any RF source with an output in the range 50 to 1300 MHz. The 50 ohm passive circuit of the 11867A offers low conversion loss, low spurious, and excellent flatness over its entire frequency range when operated above +10 dBm.

  • Input range: 10 Hz to 1800 MHz
  • Insertion loss: <1.0 dB
  • Reflects signals up to 10 watts average power and 100 watts peak power
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • N(f) connector, input
  • N(m) connector, output
  • Shipping weight: 3 ounces

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