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Agilent E4916A Crystal Impedance / LCR Meter

Manufacturers Part #: E4916A
Crystal Impedance / LCR Meter
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Agilent E4916A Crystal Impedance / LCR Meter

The E4916A Crystal Impedance/LCR Meter employs the network analyzer method (transmission network method) to determine performance of crystal resonators. With a built-in receiver similar to that of a network analyzer and a wide measurement range between 1 to 180 MHz, the meter can measure and display parameters that are generally measured for crystal resonators; resonant frequency Fr, crystal impedance CI, and equivalent cirucuit constant.

The E4916A can change the measurement signal level. It also offers the drive level dependency testing as well as the evaporation monitoring, LCR measurement, and analysis using filter.

  • Minimum Frequency: 1 MHz
  • Maximum Frequency: 180 MHz
  • Accuracy: 5 %
  • Built-in-DLD Function
  • Built-in-EM Function
  • Fr/CI Meas.Time: 125 ms to 10 s
  • Crystal Parameters: Fr, CI, FL, C1, R1, L1, Co, Q,and Ts
  • PI-Network Calibration Function
  • Power level: -60 +/-18 dBm

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