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Vitrek 944i Dielectric Tester - Hipot Electrical Safety Tester, AC/DC

Manufacturers Part #: 944i
Hipot Electrical Safety Tester, AC/DC
Vitrek 944i AC - DC Hipot Tester Your Price: $1,995.00
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Vitrek 944i-IF-4 AC - DC Hipot Tester with GPIB Your Price: $2,395.00
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Vitrek 944i Dielectric Tester - Hipot Electrical Safety Tester, AC/DC
5 kVAC 35 mA / 7 kVDC 35.5 mA

The Vitrek 944i Hipot Tester combines AC dielectric strength testing (AC Hipot) with DC dielectric strength testing (DC Hipot), Insulation Resistance (HV IR) and a low Ohmic Earth Continuity measurement all in one feature-rich automated instrument. This compact dielectric tester lets you measure four electrical safety test parameters from a single test connection-all with the touch of a button. The 944i delivers top performance and versatility for manufacturing tests, product safety engineering, component evaluation, as well as research and development applications. Most hipot testers lack the sensitivity to accurately detect low leakage current levels. The 944i uses dynamic ranging to provide leakage readings down to 2 ľA full scale with 1nano-amp resolution.

Options: IF-4 Remote Interface Package (Includes IEEE-488, RS232-C, Parallel & VICL ports)

  • AC Hipot Testing to 5 kVDC, 10 mA
  • DC Hipot Testing to 7 kVAC
  • Earth Continuity Testing 1 mΩ
  • Insulation Resistance testing to 500 GΩ
  • Arc Detection with 10 msec shutdown
  • Programmable
  • Easy to use Full Menu Prompting, walks you through the test set-up
  • Test Database stores 200 test steps for easy recall
  • Powerful 35 mA Sourcing capability
  • On-board Phase Detection measures "total", "real" or "imaginary" Leakage Current
  • Continuous Output Frequencies from 50 to 100 Hz
  • IR measurement to 65 GΩ
  • Continuity measurement 8.5 Ω full scale, resolution to 1 mΩ
  • Leakage Current measurement to 1 nA
  • Separate Ramp & Dwell, Min and Max current limits
  • Covers-on Automatic Calibration
  • Built-in controls for HV Scanner and Ground Bond Tester
  • One Year Warranty

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