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Weinschel 1870A Broadband Resistive Power Splitter, dc to 18 GHz, Type N(f)

Manufacturers Part #: 1870A
Broadband Resistive Power Divider, dc to 18.0 GHz, Type N
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Weinschel 1870A Broadband Resistive Power Splitter

The 1870A resistive power splitter is intended for RF and wireless applications in which one of the two outputs is included in a leveling loop or is used as a reference in a ratio system, for the purpose of providing an output signal whose source impedance is essentially matched to 50Ω. Some examples are: A dual channel insertion loss measuring system (ratio); A parallel IF substitution insertion loss measuring system (ratio or ALC loop); A precision power source (ratio or ALC loop).

  • Frequency Range: dc - 18 GHz
  • Maximum Input SWR: 1.35
  • Connector Type: N Female all
  • Maximum Output SWR: 1.35
  • Maximum Insertion Loss: 7.5 dB
  • Amplitude Tracking: 0.5 dB max
  • Phase Tracking: ±2 deg
  • Average Input Power: 1 W

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