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Audio Precision APx525 Audio Analyzer, 2-Channel

Manufacturers Part #: APx525 AG52 BW52

Audio Analyzer, 2-Channel

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Audio Precision APx525 Audio Analyzer, 2-Channel

The APx525 family combines an award-winning user interface with AP" legendary commitment to performance. The APx525 is high speed, high performance, and user friendly. Innovations include oneclick measurements, the automated measurement sequencer and continuous sweep technology that can derive 14 measurements in as few as 7 seconds.

Across all measurements, the interface is extremely intuitive with multiple views of results and graphic pass/fail limits. Repetitive bench tests across multiple signal paths can be automated with the measurement sequencer or through the API; level, scope, and FFT signal monitors can be pulled up for real-time analysis. The APx525 can play custom waveforms and can measure playback only devices such as CD, DVD and MP3 players using external source mode.

The APx525 has exceptional performance. With the AG52 and BW52 options, typical THD+N is -110 dB and FFTs can go all the way out to one megahertz, with 24-bit resolution. APx525 displays power spectrum graphs with regulated frequency sweep and other CEA-2006/CEA-490A measurements. It is also the only audio analyzer in the world to enable CMRR measurements in accordance with IEC60268 section 14.15.1.

AG52 - Adds analog square wave and DIM generation, higher maximum output and improved system THD+N

BW52 - Adds two channel, 24-bit, 1 MHz bandwidth analysis

  • 2 analog input channels
  • AES/SPDIF digital I/O
  • Typical THD+N < -110 dB [with AG52 option]
  • > 1 MHz bandwidth @ 24 bits on two channels [with BW52 option]
  • 1.2 M point FFTs
  • Use Sequence Mode or new Bench Mode for ultimate flexibility and control
  • Powerful automation and sophisticated reporting
  • Support for the complete range of APx digital I/O options

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.