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Amplifier Research 1000LP RF Amplifier, 2 to 200 MHz, 1000 Watts

Manufacturers Part #: 1000LP
RF Amplifier 2 to 200 MHz, 1000 Watts
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Amplifier Research 1000LP RF Amplifier, 2 to 200 MHz, 1000 Watts

The 1000LP amplifier is a self-contained, broadband amplifier designed for applications which require instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linear, high power pulse output. The 1000LPM10, which includes a 9 MHz high pass output filter in its final amplifier, is designed for applications which require attenuation of low frequency pulse transients, which are created when the amplifier is blanked on and off. To increase their usefulness in RF testing, the amplifier can also be operated in a CW mode which is front panel selectable.

The 1000LP amplifier offers 1000 Watt pulse power, or greater than 250 Watt CW power across the entire frequency band of 2 MHz to 200 MHz.

The 1000LP employs solid-state, MOSFET, low power stages and vacuum tube final. The final amplifier stage operates in a gated mode to improve efficiency, reduce output noise, and increase the RF on/off ratio. Operating mode dependent blanking/gating input is provided on the front panel. In the CW mode an input signal (Blanking) turns the final amplifier off, reducing gain and output noise. In the Pulse mode an input signal (Gating) will switch the amplifier on. During the gate on time, the amplifier operates class A and will amplify RF pulses or other wave shapes within its specified operating range. A continuously variable input attenuator is provided to permit setting of the output power from the amplifier front panel. Overload protection is provided to prevent damage from overdrive or excessive pulse lengths or duty cycle. Crowbar protection of the final amplifier tubes and short circuit protection of all power supplies is also included.

  • Frequency Range 2 to 200 MHz
  • Output: 300 Watts CW, 1000 Watts Pulsed
  • Flatness: ±1.5 dB
  • Impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR: 1.5:1 maximum
  • Input for Rated Output: 1.0 milliwatt Max
  • Connectors: RF In: BNC(f); RF Out: N(f); Gating/Blanking: BNC(f); Remote Control: 25 pin female subminiature D
  • Input: 100/110/120/200/208/220/240 ±5% VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 180 lb; Size: 16.8 in H x 19.8 in W x 21.7 in D

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