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Agilent 34906A Dual 4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 75 Ohm

Manufacturers Part #: 34906A
Dual 4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 75 Ohm
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Agilent 34906A Dual 4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 75 Ohm

The Agilent 34906A RF multiplexer module for the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition/Switch Units offers broadband switching capabilities for high-frequency and pulsed signals. Use it to route test signals between your device under test and your signal generator, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or other instrumentation.

The RF multiplexers are arranged as two independent 1 x 4 multiplexers, each with a common shield and a switched center conductor. Connections can be made directly to SMB inputs with 2 GHz usable bandwidth, or to the BNC-to-SMB adapters provided with 1 bandwidth. Multiple banks may be cascaded together for applications requiring even larger topologies--create a stubless 16:1 multiplexer in a single frame.

  • Dual 4 Channel RF Multiplexer
  • 2 GHz bandwidth, 75 Ohm
  • BNC to SMB adapter cables included
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