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Tektronix TAP2500 2.5 GHz Active Probe, Single-Ended, with VPI Interface

Manufacturers Part #: TAP2500

2.5 GHz Active FET Probe

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Tektronix TAP2500 2.5 GHz Active Probe, Single-Ended, with VPI Interface

The TAP2500 Single-ended Active FET probe provides excellent high-speed electrical and mechanical performance required for today's digital system designs. Specifically designed for use and direct connection to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface, the TAP2500 Active FET probe achieves high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity by solving three traditional problems:

  • Lower DUT loading effects with ≤0.8 pF input capacitance and 40 kΩ input resistance
  • Versatile DUT connectivity for attaching to small SMDs
  • Preserves instrument bandwidth at the probe tip for up to 3.5 GHz oscilloscopes.
  • 2.5 GHz Probe Bandwidth
  • Fast probe rise time
  • Excellent signal fidelity
  • ≤0.8 pF input capacitance
  • 40 kΩ input resistance
  • -4 V to +4 V input dynamic range
  • -10 V to +10 VDC input offset range
  • ±30 V (DC + peak AC) Maximum input voltage (nondestructive)
  • Versatile mechanical performance
  • Small compact probe head for probing small geometry circuit elements
  • DUT attachment accessories enable connection to SMDs as small as 0.5 mm pitch
  • Robust design for reliability
  • Connects directly to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface
  • Provides automatic units scaling and readout on the oscilloscope display
  • Easy access to oscilloscope probe menu display for probe status/diagnostic information and to control probe DC offset
  • Remote GPIB/USB probe control through the oscilloscope

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.