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Tektronix TDS3VID Extended Video Application Module

Manufacturers Part #: TDS3VID
Extended Video Application Module
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Tektronix TDS3VID Extended Video Application Module

The TDS3CHG ia an Extended Video Application Module for uise with TDS3000 series oscilloscopes.

  • TDS3VID Features:
  • Video QuickMenu. Use the video QuickMenu to display bottom and side menus that contain commonly-used video functions useful for displaying and measuring video signals.
  • Video Autoset. Use the Autoset function to automatically adjust the vertical, horizontal, and video trigger settings to display a video waveform triggered on all lines or fields. You can then manually adjust controls to optimize the display.
  • Vectorscope. Use the Vectorscope function with 100% and 75% color bars to analyze standard video or analog HDTV color difference video signals using a familiar display format.
  • Video Picture. Use the Video Picture function to display a monochrome picture of a composite or luminance video signal.Video Graticules. Use the video graticule functions to change the standard oscilloscope graticule to either IRE (for 525/NTSC signals) or mV (for PAL/SECAM or component signals) with the vertical scale set to 143mV/div. The video graticules include labeled marks for manual component signal measurement. The standard graticules are also available.
  • Video On Specific Lines (Line Select). Use the trigger on lines function to trigger the oscilloscope on specific lines in broadcast and non-broadcast (custom) video waveforms.
  • Analog HDTV. Use the analog HDTV functions to trigger the oscilloscope on different HDTV formats.
  • Field Holdoff. Use the field holdoff function to specify a number of fields to wait before re-enabling triggering. This lets the oscilloscope always trigger on a single field (for example, field 1 or field 3 of NTSC) instead of on both field 1 and field 3.
  • Custom Video. Use the custom video function to specify custom horizontal scan rates in order to trigger on non-broadcast video waveforms, such as those used by computer monitors and medical equipment displays.

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