Narda ELT-400 2304/104 Exposure Level Tester

Narda MPN: 2304/104

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Narda ELT-400 2304/104 Exposure Level Tester

The ELT-400 is an innovative exposure level meter for measuring magnetic fields in the workplace and in public spaces. The model is designed for health and safety professionals in industry, the insurance business and service industries.

The instrument can simply and precisely handle practically any level measurement required in the low and medium-frequency range. It is comparable to the sound level meters that are commonly used in the assessment of noise at the workplace.

The ELT-400 is useful for checking fields caused by various manufacturing plant, including induction heating, melting and hardening equipment. Thanks to its extremely low frequency limit and high power capability, it can also be used to check most magnetic stirrers. Special demands often occur with machinery in production areas where non-sinusoidal signals are common, e.g. in industrial applications that use resistance welding machinery (pulse waveform, phase angle control) with traditional 50/60 Hz systems, as well as in newer medium frequency switching units.

Different types of electronic article surveillance systems generate complex fields in public spaces. Most electromagnetic and magneto acoustic gates operate within the frequency range of the ELT-400.

EMC Home Testing- Magnetic fields generated by household appliances or other electrical devices have become the focus of increased attention. Some new standards such as IEC/EN 62233 describe how to investigate such products. The ELT-400 is the ideal measuring device when it comes to compliance with these standards. Benefits include the perfectly matched frequency range and implementation of the specified transfer function. The ELT-400 allows to greatly simplify the assessment process. With EXPOSURE STD (Shaped Time Domain) mode, the instrument achieves a new standard in simple but reliable measurement of magnetic fields, whether in straightforward or in very complex field environments.


  • Direct evaluation of field exposure in comparison with major standards and regulations
  • Automatic exposure evaluation for various waveforms in compliance with Weighted RMS and Weighted Peak methods
  • Eliminates the over estimation that occasionally occurs with FFT-based evaluation
  • Ultra wide frequency range (1 Hz to 400 kHz)
  • Wide measurement range up to 80 mT (dependent on type)
  • Three-axis analog output for time signal analysis with oscilloscope / analyzer
  • IEC/EN 62311 and 62233 standard compliant including isotropic 100 cm and 3 cm probe
  • Sets include: Basic Unit and B-field probe (100 cm), AC charger unit, operating / programming manual and rechargeable batteries

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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