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Tektronix AM503 Current Probe Amplifier

Manufacturers Part #: AM503

Current Probe Amplifier

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Tektronix AM503 Current Probe Amplifier

The AM503 Current Probe Amplifier allows display of current on any oscilloscope having 10 mV/div sensitivity, 50 ohm or 1 megohm input, and at least 100 MHz bandwidth. It is compatible with A6302, A6303, P6302, P6303 current probes. It requires a TM500 or TM5000 series mainframe for operation.

  • Allows for current display on any oscilloscope
  • Maximum input current: 20A for 6302; 100A for 6303
  • Bandwidth: >50 MHz 6302; >15 MHz 6303
  • Rise time: <7 ns 6302; <23 ns 6303
  • Deflection factor: 1 mA/div to 5 A/div for 6302; 20 mA/div to 50 A/div for 6303
  • Weight: 4 lb; Size: single width module

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.