Bell Electronics Test Equipment Rentals

Renting test and measurement equipment is a great way to fulfill your short-term equipment requirements. As indicated throughout the product pages on our website, Bell Electronics rents a wide variety of electronic test and measurement equipment with rental periods for as little or as long as you require.

Bell Electronics' expert staff can assist you with selecting equipment, availability, pricing quotes, and ordering. You can rent the Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Sound Level Meter, Generator, Power Supply, EMI / RFI Meter, RF Amplifier, Electronic Load, Cable Tester, or any of hundreds of other test equipment items that your projects may require.

Buy · Rent - Bell Electronics has a plan to meet your needs. Below is a brief summary of our Test Equipment Rental program.

The Bell Electronics Rental Program Key Advantages:

    • Availability - We offer fast delivery from stock and a broad selection of products. No need to wait on a manufacturer's long lead time.
    • Competitive Rates - We offer rental rates at a small fraction of the equipment's value. No minimum rental period is required!
    • Transit Time Credit - Unlike other rental companies that charge you until they receive your rental return, Bell Electronics can end your rental on the day you ship your item back.
    • Customer Support - Bell Electronics provides expert technical assistance in helping you select the right instrument for your application.
    • Preserve Your Capital - Get the equipment you need while preserving your credit lines for other expenditures. Renting and leasing allow you to maintain borrowing power while requiring little or no up-front cash.
    • Tax Benefits - Renting can eliminate capital asset ownership taxes. Rental payments are typically treated as operating expenses and can be costed to specific jobs and projects. In certain states, sales taxes are also waived if the equipment is utilized for research and development (always check with your tax professional).
    • Avoid Certain Ownership Costs - Renting eliminates equipment maintenance and repair costs while providing obsolescence protection.

For rental rates, call us at 1-800-366-5240 or use our Rental Quotation Form. Be sure to specify your estimated rental period. A rental quote will be faxed or emailed back to you within 1 business day.


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