Bell Electronics - Why Buy Refurbished?

The basic answer is simple: significant cost savings. With savings ranging from 20% to 80%, this is usually the foremost reason why companies turn to the secondary market to purchase equipment.

The second most common reason is to circumvent manufacturers' long lead times. With delivery "off the shelf," you get the equipment you need when you need it.

Some companies need to replace or acquire equipment not in current production. Often, firms must comply with an existing specification that may call for obsolete models of test equipment. While Bell Electronics tries to maintain an inventory of recently retired to current catalog products, we do have the ability to locate those older products for our customers.

On the technical side, purchasing "experienced" equipment provides assurance against early product failure. With time on this equipment, most, if any, manufacturing defects are discovered and addressed.

Next comes the reconditioning process itself. Bell Electronics only places into inventory those items that meet our exacting criteria. Bell Electronics inspects every piece of incoming equipment for cosmetic appearance, functionality, and completeness. We then attempt to restore the item to a like-new appearance. Any functional problems are identified and corrected. Missing or damaged accessories are replaced. Upon receipt of the order, the item is inspected and checked for proper operation.

To recap, the advantages of purchasing "experienced" equipment are:

  • 20% to 80% cost savings
  • No long lead times
  • Broad-based "off-the-shelf" selection
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Ensured product quality
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Calibration, at extra cost, available on most items
  • Potential tax savings (sales tax, property tax, import tariffs)

All of the above, coupled with our industry-leading warranty, assures the refurbished equipment you purchase from Bell Electronics will offer excellent functionality and great value.


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