Associated Research 8104 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 5 kVac, 5 kVdc


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Associated Research 8104 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 5 kVac, 5 kVdc

The Associated Research OMNIA 8104 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer provides AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, and Ground Bond / Continuity tests in a single DUT connection. The 8104 comes standard with a RS-232 interface. An optional GPIB interface is available from the manufacturer. The 8104 features a Graphic LCD and intuitive menu system to simplify the entire testing process from set-up to results.


  • 5 instruments in one - AC/DC hipot tester, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage Current, Functional Run Testing
  • 5 kV @ 40 mA AC
  • 5 kV @ 20 mA DC
  • 40 Amp ground bond testing
  • 50 memories with 30 steps per memory that can be stored and recalled in any alphanumeric combination
  • Patented SmartGFI® function - Safety feature to protect operator
  • Patented Prompt and Hold function - Insert operator instructions (text, picture, video)
  • Patented CAL-ALERT® function
  • Patented RAMP HI and CHARGE LO testing for more effective DC Hipot testing
  • Perform Hipot/Line Leakage without changing test leads
  • True Line Leakage tester with 7 different measuring devices and RMS or PEAK leakage measurements
  • 4 wire measurement and milliohm offset for accurate Ground Bond test results
  • 115/230 Vac ±15%, 47 to 63 Hz operation
  • Weight: 92 lb; Size: 5.24 in H x 16.93 in W x 19.69 in D

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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