Associated Research 8254 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 5 kVac, 6 kVdc


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Associated Research 8254 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 5 kVac, 6 kVdc

The Associated Research OMNIA II 8254 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer provides AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, and Ground Bond / Continuity tests in a single DUT connection. The 8254 comes standard with an USB/RS-232 interface. An optional Ethernet or GPIB interface is available from the manufacturer. The 8254 features a color TFT display that makes setting up test files, viewing results and performing tests easier than ever. It also provides a customizable "My Menu" interface, which allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite screens. The DualCHEK® feature which allows for a simultaneous Ground Bond and Hipot test. The 8254 is also a true Line Leakage tester. It will perform all eight Line Leakage tests as called out by a variety of agency specifications and incorporates seven different measuring device configurations to simulate the human body impedance models for a variety of specifications. These measuring device configurations can be shown on the 8254 color display which makes setting up and reviewing Line Leakage tests even easier.

Leakage measurements can be either, True RMS or PEAK as required by the IEC 60990 for measuring touch currents. The Active Link™ feature also allows you to maintain power to the DUT between Line Leakage test steps which goes a long way in reducing overall test time. The 8254 can also perform patient lead tests when combined with Associated Research" SC6540 modular scanning matrix. The ability to perform these tests in a single instrument through one DUT connection will increase productivity and increase efficiency allowing manufacturers to save time and money. Designed around the way you test, the 8254 is unique as your application and provides you with customizable features and unmatched functionality.


  • 5 instruments in one - AC/DC hipot tester, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage Current, Functional Run Testing
  • 5 kV @ 100 mA AC
  • 6 kV @ 20 mA DC
  • 40 Amp ground bond testing
  • Color TFT Display - Color Code test results
  • "My Menu" Interface- personalize user interface
  • DualCHEK® - Performs Hipot and Ground Bond test simultaneous
  • Multiple Automation Interfaces
  • Expanded Test Memories- store and recall up to 10.000 test steps
  • Patented SmartGFI® function - Safety feature to protect operator
  • Patented Prompt and Hold function - Insert operator instructions (text, picture, video)
  • Patented CAL-ALERT® function
  • Patented VERI-CHEK® function - Built in self test
  • CHARGE LO® - detects if cables are connected correct in DC mode
  • RAMP HI® - Enables faster testing in DC hipot mode
  • AC/DC OFFSET - Eliminates test fixture and cables
  • True RMS Current - Accurately measure leakage current
  • 115/230 Vac ±15%, 47 to 63 Hz operation
  • Weight: 92 lb; Size: 5.24 in H x 16.93 in W x 19.69 in D

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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