Keysight / Agilent N6950A Advanced Power System - DC Power Supply, 0 to 9 Vdc, 0 to 100 A, 1000 W

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Keysight / Agilent N6950A Advanced Power System - DC Power Supply, 0 to 9 Vdc, 0 to 100 A, 1000 W

The N6950A Advanced Power System (APS) power supply is ideal for automated test equipment (ATE) applications where high performance is critical.

  • Accelerate test-system throughput with industry-leading speed
  • Capture your DUT's current profile with accurate measurements
  • Parallel N6900 supplies up to 10 kW with equal current sharing among paralleled supplies
  • Reduce your ATE development time and cost with highly integrated capabilities
  • Create the configuration you need: easily add optional and advanced capabilities
  • Add full, 2-quadrant operation to any APS power supply with the N7909A APS power dissipater unit (optional)
  • Versatile I/O: LAN (LXI Core), USB, and GPIB


  • Voltage: 0 to 9 V
  • Current: 0 to 100 A
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Output ripple and noise: 1 mV
  • Load regulation: 0.5 mV; 8 mA
  • High power density, 1.0 kW in a 1U package
  • Over- and under-voltage and current protection
  • LAN (LXI Core), USB, and GPIB interfaces all standard
  • AC input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60/400 Hz. NOTE: AC mains circuits rated at 100-120 VAC cannot supply enough current to power either the 1kW or the 2kW models when operated at their full rated output power. When connected to a 100-120V AC mains, the instrument turns off the output and sets either the CP+ or PFstatus bit when the output power exceeds 700W.

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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