Keysight U2049XA TVA LAN Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 33 GHz, -70 dBm to +20 dBm, with Thermal Vacuum Option

Keysight / Agilent MPN: U2049XA TVA

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Keysight U2049XA TVA LAN Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 33 GHz, -70 dBm to +20 dBm, with Thermal Vacuum Option

The U2049XA 100 LAN 10 MHz to 33 GHz, offers best-in-class long term drift performance, a frequency range of 10 MHz to 33 GHz and a dynamic range spanning 90 dB, the U2049XA LAN power sensor is ideal for fault detection and monitoring of satellite systems. And with LAN/power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity, a first in the industry, you can perform long distance, remote monitoring of satellite systems with ease and confidence.

LAN/Power Over Ethernet Connectivity
Overcome the cable length limitations associated with USB connectivity. With Power over Ethernet (PoE)/LAN connectivity, the U2049XA is capable of long distance remote monitoring of up to 100 meters. The PoE connectivity is also compliant to the IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at Type 1 standards.
Note that the typical LAN port found on a PC or Keysight instruments will not be able to power up the U2049XA sensor. A typical LAN port is only used for data transfer and communication. The U2049XA must connect to a PoE port, which can be used to supply the DC power required to power up the sensor and to transfer data.

Broad Frequency Coverage
With a broad frequency coverage of 10 MHz to 33 GHz, the U2049XA is optimized for satellite and aerospace/defense applications. Together with internal zero and calibration and excellent long term drift performance, the U2049XA enables automated performance monitoring without needing human intervention.

Thermal Vacuum Option TVA
The U2049XA LAN power sensor comes with a thermal vacuum option (Option-TVA) for use within a thermal vacuum chamber. This option has been meticulously designed by selecting components with minimum outgassing properties. Each of the sensors is also subject to temperature cycling in a vacuum chamber to stabilize the materials and to remove outgassing particles.

The U2049XA is supported by the Keysight BenchVue software. BenchVue makes it easy to control your power meter to log data and visualize measurements in a wide array of display options without any programming. Simply connect the sensor to your PC installed BenchVue BV0007B Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis app to perform complex pulse analysis and standard average power measurement.

  • Option 100 specifies 10 MHz to 33 GHz Range (without TVAC compliant)
  • Option TVA specifies 10 MHz to 33 GHz Range with Thermal Vacuum Option


  • Frequency Range of 10 MHz to 33 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range (-70 dBm to +20 dBm)
  • 3.5mm (male) connector
  • Supported measurements: Peak, average, peak-to-average power, time-gated and free run mode, pulse parameters analysis, pulse profiling
  • Maximum power (Damage level): Average: +29 dBm; Peak: +32 dBm for < 10 µs duration, Voltage: ≤ 20 VDC
  • Support internal and external trigger measurements
  • Best-in-class long term drift performance
  • Internal zero and automatic calibration saves time and reduces measurement uncertainty
  • Easy measurement start-up with new intuitive BenchVue software
  • Trigger input: Input has TTL compatible logic levels and uses a SMB connector
  • Trigger output: Output provides TTL compatible logic levels and uses a SMB connector

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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