Tektronix AM5030 Current Probe Amplifier

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Tektronix AM5030 Current Probe Amplifier

The AM5030 Current Probe Amplifier with General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) adds programmability. The AM5030 enables you to use automated techniques to make wide bandwidth AC/DC current measurements. The AM5030 is a TM5000 single-wide module that plugs into a 3-slot TM5003 power module mainframe. The AM5030 works only in a TM5000 mainframe. The AM5030 uses A6312, A6302, A6303 and the XL Series of current probes and connects to any scope or analyzer via a BNC cable.

The AM5030 does not have to be calibrated with specific current probes. This is a tremendous operational improvement over the older AM503 Systems. The AM5030 also provides several improvements over the AM503A, including a faster Degauss/self-calibration cycle and more responsive, reliable front-panel controls.

The AM5030 uses the IEEE-488.1 bus standard. Using a simple command set, you can configure and confirm the settings of the amplifier or read the instrument's serial number. You can determine whether the current probe is open or closed, use bus commands to initiate a self-test or force a probe Degauss and DC balance operation. The AM5030 bus address is set through the front panel and the address is retained when power is removed. The AM5030 does not require an external controller to operate. It can be completely controlled using the front panel; however, when used with a controller, the front panel can be disabled to prevent manual operator adjustments.


  • Simultaneous DC and AC current measurements
  • High sensitivity
  • One-button autobalancing and probe degaussing
  • No adjustments needed to match a current probe to an individual amplifier
  • Probe trim adjust allows fine tuning of gain for increased accuracy
  • Programmable control from a GPIB controller
  • Plugs into TM 5000 Power Modules
  • Weight: 5 lb; Size: single width module

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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