Tektronix MDO3034 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, 4/16 CH, 350 MHz, 2.5 GS/s

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Tektronix MDO3034 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, 4/16 CH, 350 MHz, 2.5 GS/s

Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) Series is the ultimate 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope that includes an integrated spectrum analyzer, arbitrary function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, and digital voltmeter/counter. The MDO3000 is completely customizable and fully upgradeable. Add the instruments and performance you need now - or later.

At the core of the MDO3000 Series is a world-class oscilloscope, offering comprehensive tools that speed each stage of debug; from quickly discovering anomalies and capturing them, to searching your waveform record for events of interest and analyzing their characteristics and your device's behavior.

RF Measurements
The MDO3000 Series includes three automated RF measurements: Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, and Occupied Bandwidth. When one of these RF measurements is activated, the oscilloscope automatically turns on the Average spectrum trace and sets the detection method to Average for optimal measurement results.

Spectrum Analyzer
The MDO3000 is the first oscilloscope in its class to include an integrated spectrum analyzer. Each oscilloscope includes a spectrum analyzer with a frequency range of 9 kHz up to the analog bandwidth of the instrument. The spectrum analyzer frequency range of each instrument can be upgraded from 9 kHz to 3 GHz (option MDO3SA), enabling spectral analysis on most consumer wireless standards.

Arbitrary Function Generator (optional)
The MDO3000 contains an optional integrated arbitrary function generator (option MDO3AFG), perfect for simulating sensor signals within a design or adding noise to signals to perform margin testing.

Logic Analyzer (optional)
The logic analyzer (option MDO3MSO) provides 16 digital channels which are tightly integrated into the oscilloscope's user interface. This simplifies operation and makes it possible to solve mixed-signal issues easily.

Serial Protocol Triggering and Analysis (optional)
On a serial bus, a single signal often includes address, control, data, and clock information. This can make isolating events of interest difficult. Automatic trigger, decode, and search on bus events and conditions gives you a robust set of tools for debugging serial buses.

Digital Voltmeter (DVM) and Frequency Counter
The MDO3000 contains an integrated 4-digit digital voltmeter (DVM) and 5-digit frequency counter. Any of the analog inputs can be a source for the voltmeter, using the same probes that are already attached for general oscilloscope usage. The display also shows minimum, maximum, and average values of the measurement as well as the range of values measured over the previous five second interval. The DVM and frequency counter is available on any MDO3000 and is activated when you register your product on Tektronix' website.

Digital Phosphor Technology with FastAcq™ Highspeed Waveform Capture
Digital phosphor technology provides you with fast insight into the real operation of your device. Its fast waveform capture rate — greater than 280,000 wfm/s with FastAcq. To further enhance the visibility of rarely occurring events, intensity grading is used to indicate how often rare transients are occurring relative to normal signal characteristics. There are four waveform palettes available in FastAcq acquisition mode. They include the Temperature Palette, Spectral Palette, Normal Palette, and Inverted Palette that uses color-grading to indicate frequency of occurrence.

To capture the event of interest to identify root cause the MDO3000 contains over 125 trigger combinations providing a complete set of triggers — including runt, logic, pulse width/glitch, setup and hold violation, serial packet, and parallel data. And with up to a 10 M record length, you can capture many events of interest, even thousands of serial packets, in a single acquisition for further analysis while maintaining high resolution to zoom in on fine signal details.

Engineered Better
Advanced RF analysis, ultra-wide capture bandwidth, four different Spectrum traces, color-coded digital waveform display, MagniVu™ high-speed acquisition, remote connectivity, and standard (w/ registration) Digital Voltmeter/Frequency Counter are among the additional features making the MDO3000 the integrated scope that maximizes test speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Standard passive voltage probes
The MDO3000 Series include passive voltage probes with capacitive loading of only 3.9 pF. The included TPP probes minimize the impact on devices under test and accurately deliver signals to the oscilloscope for acquisition and analysis.

Included: four (4) TPP0500B, 500 MHz, 10x passive voltage probes, N-to-BNC adapter, installation and safety instructions (printed manual), and power cord.


  • Oscilloscope
    • Bandwidth: 350 MHz
    • Bandwidth is upgradable up to 1 GHz
    • 4 analog channels
    • Sample Rate: 2.5 GS/s
    • 10 M record length on all channels
    • >280,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate
    • Standard passive voltage probes with 3.9 pF capacitive loading and 1 GHz, 500 MHz, or 250 MHz analog bandwidth
  • Spectrum Analyzer
    • Frequency range: Standard: 9 kHz - oscilloscope bandwidth
    • Optional: 9 kHz - 3 GHz (Customer added after purchase)
    • Ultra-wide capture bandwidth up to 3 GHz
  • Arbitrary Function Generator (Optional - Customer added after purchase)
    • 13 predefined waveform types
    • 50 MHz waveform generation
    • 128 k arbitrary generator record length
    • 250 MS/s arbitrary generator sample rate
  • Logic Analyzer (Optional - Customer added after purchase)
    • 16 digital channels
    • 10 M record length on all channels
    • 121.2 ps timing resolution
  • Protocol Analyzer (Optional - Customer added after purchase)
    • Serial bus support for I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, USB 2.0, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, and Audio standards
  • Digital Voltmeter / Frequency Counter (Free with product registration)
    • 4-digit AC RMS, DC, and AC+DC RMS voltage measurements
    • 5-digit frequency measurements
  • Shipping weight: 9.2 lbs

Please see Datasheet for complete details and specifications.


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